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546518_baltimore_city_3Greetings from Maryland, and welcome to our new Maryland Injury Blog! My name is Jeff Butschky, and I will be your host and (hopefully) your source of practical help and information from within the Maryland Legal Community.

Perhaps nothing affects an individual or family more than a sudden accident or injury. When we are hurt, we understand that there will be hospitals and doctors, pain, stress and inconvenience. What isn’t often appreciated is the fact that the injured person, must also now deal with (gulp) lawyers and (even worse) the insurance industry. Like visiting the dentist, filing taxes or other mild forms of torture, no one wants to do this, and I don’t blame you.

This Blog will untangle and de-mystify the frustrating and complicated world of injury claims. As a practicing attorney in Maryland for 15 years, I’m going to do my best to make this as easy as I can. So lets get started!

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