Construction Worker & Garbage Collector Among 10 Worst Jobs for 2010 (And Maryland — Stevedores / Dock Workers Made the List, Too)

A career site’s list of the best and worst jobs for 2010 reveals something Baltimore County work accident attorneys have known right along: The physically most demanding jobs are also the most dangerous and can lead to serious personal injury, lifelong medical problems, and even death.

Recognizing the risk to life and limb when construction accidents occur, job search site ranked construction as the no. 8 worst job to pursue this year. The no. 1 worst job was “roustabout,” which includes oil rig and pipeline workers, followed by lumber jack and iron worker. The site considered the following factors while conducting research to rank the jobs: Environment, Income, Outlook, Stress and Physical Demands.

Construction Worker made the list due to the physical demands, higher rates of injury, and low median income, though the hiring outlook is “moderate.” And Maryland, while our stevedores (dock workers) weren’t in the bottom 10 jobs, they weren’t far behind — stevedores ranked 185 out of 200 jobs analyzed, with a hiring outlook of “poor” (besides the challenging work conditions if you can get a job as a dock worker on the Baltimore and Maryland waterfront).

Maryland Workers Comp lawyers know that the most dangerous jobs are also often the least secure — particularly when workers are injured and unable to support themselves and their families. The Maryland Workers’ Compensation insurance system doesn’t make it easy for injured workers to file claims. It’s a long process, with many places where hurt workers who are inexperienced with the complexities of the insurance system can easily get tripped up and derailed.

That’s why we always recommend injured workers of all professions — construction workers and dock workers, as well as people who work in offices and other environments — always talk to an experienced Md Work Comp attorney before trying to file a claim on their own.

Oh, and be nice to your taxi driver, mail carrier, and meter reader. Their jobs also ranked in the list’s bottom 10.

The Best And Worst Jobs For 2010 Jan. 8, 2010
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