Maryland Traffic Safety: DOT Study Shows U.S. Distracted Driving Accident Deaths Not Going Down

Though nationally and in Maryland, overall traffic accident deaths have declined — distracted driving death rates remain unchanged. So says a new study released by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood describes the problem of distracted driving as a national “epidemic.” Some alarming numbers:

  • One in 8 roadway deaths is blamed on distracted driving.
  • Last year, distracted driving was blamed for 5,474 motor vehicle accident deaths and nearly half a million people injured on U.S. roads and highways.
  • The main forms of distracted driving are texting and cell phone use. In Maryland, adults are as guilty as young people of texting while driving (see link to related blog article below).
  • Reading the newspaper behind the wheel has been replaced with reading e-books on handheld devices.

This serious driving hazard remains unchanged despite numerous laws and safety awareness campaigns aimed at reducing distracted driving auto accidents and truck accidents.

An experienced Harford County car accident injury lawyer sees the results of what can happen when Maryland drivers don’t pay attention to the road.

DOT Sec. LaHood says busy people think they can safely talk on their cell phones and text while driving. U.S. traffic accident death rates and injury statistics show otherwise.

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