Maryland Ford F-150 Driver Safety Alerts : Pickup Truck Airbags and Gas Tanks Under Investigation

The Ford F-150 pickup truck and its companions in the Ford F series have been dubbed by auto critics as the “best selling vehicles in the USA” for more than three decades. With its imposing grill and beefy demeanor, the Ford F-150 is a favorite choice of farmers, construction workers, and other drivers who enjoy a powerful pickup that can haul a good-sized load. But popular does not mean perfect, as evidenced by recent Ford F-150 truck safety concerns in the news.

If you’re a Maryland driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck — be aware of two recent automotive safety investigations that may include your vehicle. Last month, an expanded recall went out for Ford F-150 pickup trucks (model years 2004 to 2006) because of reports the air bags could suddenly deploy without a traffic accident having taken place.

Now news reports state that NHTSA — the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — is looking into more than 200 reports from consumers that their Ford F-150 gas tanks have fallen off. The problem, NHTSA asserts, may be that the steel straps holding the Ford F-150 gas tank in place could rust and break — causing the potential for gas leakage and fire. Model years 1997 – 2001 are being investigated. Thus far no one has been injured or killed in a truck accident resulting from the Ford F-150 gas tank straps issue.

As experienced Baltimore County, Maryland truck accident injury lawyers, we pay attention to automotive product safety recalls and investigations such as those surrounding the Ford F-150 pickup truck.

No Maryland motorist wants to think about driving their car or truck on the Baltimore Beltway or across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and having their gas tank fall off and drag behind them in a trail of sparks. If you own or drive a Ford F-150 in Maryland, consult your Ford dealer regarding your vehicle and safety recalls or service bulletins. (See link below to page where you can search for safety notices related to your vehicle by VIN.)

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