Maryland Toyota Driver Safety Alerts: Gas Pedal Recall Extended to Additional Vehicles

Earlier this month, we reported on how NHTSA officials working with NASA engineers concluded that the problem with “runaway Toyotas” (i.e., cars accelerating out of control) was mechanical, not electrical. The problem that resulted in numerous traffic accident fatalities was, the report stated, caused by mechanical issues with the gas pedals due to faulty design or ill-fitting carpets and floor mats. The problem was not, the report’s authors concluded, electrical in nature, as some Toyota owners and auto critics theorized.

The sticky gas pedals are back in the news, however.

Toyota is now recalling an additional 2.17 million vehicles to repair problems linked to their Nov. 2009 safety recall for gas pedal problems due to “floor mat entrapment.” Over the last few years, several cases of Toyota drivers unable to slow down their cars resulted in a number of fatal car crashes. The New York Times reports that Toyota is adding Lexus luxury vehicles and popular SUVs to the gas pedal recall list, including the Toyota Highlander and Toyota 4Runner (see link to Toyota recall portal below for full listing of recall vehicle models and years).

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Putting Pedal to the Metal: Advice for Baltimore County, Maryland Drivers
Whether you drive a Toyota or not, all Maryland drivers should check to see how their own floor mats fit. It’s common for people to buy off-the-counter rubber floor mats for use during messy Maryland winters, to protect the car’s original floor mats and carpets. Aftermarket floor mats tossed into any vehicle — if slipping and sliding around — could interfere with the proper function of gas pedals and brakes. It’s a good idea for everyone to make sure their floor mats don’t pose a potential driving hazard.

Since 2009, Toyota has recalled more than 14 million vehicles from around the world, mostly for the floor-mat issue or gas pedal design defects. Toyota continues to repair its tarnished reputation, while rattled consumers try to regain trust in a company once known as the gold standard for quality and dependability.

Toyota to Recall Over 2 Million Vehicles for Gas Pedal Flaws
The New York Times Feb. 24, 2011
Toyota Recall Portal

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