An Introduction to the Maryland Workers Compensation System

Unlike a lot of states, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation system is very adversarial. In some states, the hurdle injured workers have to get over to receive compensation is ridiculously low. They basically just need to prove that they were hurt at work — or anything remotely close to work. If they were injured driving to or home from work, they’re covered. Even if they were goofing around and got hurt at work, they’re covered. In Maryland, it’s different.

Maryland is an “at will” employment state, meaning you can be fired at will by your employer, providing they’re not violating any Federal laws against discrimination for age, gender, race, etc. The playing field is not level — it’s tilted in the employer’s favor. And that goes for the Maryland Workers Comp system, too.

The bright spot is if you’re injured on the job in Maryland, your employer is required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Even if they don’t have it — which I’ve seen a dozen times or so in 20 years of helping injured workers in Maryland — the Uninsured Employers’ Fund will step in and pay. So the good news is if you’re hurt at work in Maryland and if you have a compensable claim, your employer has insurance to cover it.

The first high hurdle that you have to face is proving you have a compensable claim.

Hurt at Work in Maryland? Don’t Wait to Seek a Lawyer’s Advice
An experienced Maryland Workers Comp attorney helps people who are hurt in the line of their work navigate the insurance claims process and receive compensation for their injuries. If you are hurt at work, don’t be shy and don’t feel guilty or bad about it. Call a lawyer and say, “Listen, I’m not even sure that I’m looking at filing a work comp case, but here’s what happened. What should I do?” It’s important that you at least know where you stand, and exactly what rights you do (and do not) have. Because if you don’t, trust me–the employer is already doing things that they have to do by law that sets a sequence of events into motion that puts you at a disadvantage. It’s a lot like being in a foot race, and allowing your opponent to start ahead of you. Not good.

What you do in the first couple days of getting hurt at work in Maryland will determine whether you are going to have a successful case or not. Please visit my blog again for more on the Maryland Workers’ Compensation system and what to do if you are hurt on the job in Maryland.

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