Maryland Workers’ Compensation Update: Claims by Industry 2021

We’re happy to report that after two years of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are moving forward for people seeking Maryland Workers’ Compensation (WCC) benefits. We can say firsthand that the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission is doing a good job processing backlogged claims, and we’ve been happy to help our clients expedite their work-related injury and illness claims through the state’s system (which includes using their electronic filing system).

The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission released its 2021 annual report (see link below), listing filed claims by industry, types of injuries, and other data. Can you guess which industries had the most Maryland Work Comp claims last year? The results might surprise you.

According to the Maryland WCC annual report, of the 21,842 total claims submitted for 2021, the top three industries for filing Maryland Work Comp claims were as follows:

  • Policemen – Security (n. 1,950 = 8.9%)
  • Truckmen N.O.C.* (n. 1,146 = 5.2%)*
  • Storage Warehouses General Merchandise N.O.C.* (n. 992 = 4.5%)

These industries were followed by…

  • Convalescent or Nursing Homes All Employees (n. 930 = 4.3%)
  • Municipal Township County or State Employees N.O.C.* (n. 870 = 4.0%)
  • Hospitals – All Other Employees (n. 862 = 3.9%)
  • Firemen including Volunteer Dept. & Ambulance Service (n. 667 = 3.1%)
  • Building, Raising or Moving – General Construction (n. 627 = 2.9%)

*N.O.C. means “not otherwise classified”

Awards listed by body part injured and most weeks of disability included these top five:

  • Thorax-Lower (Back)
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Neck
  • Spinal Cord

We know from decades of experience advocating for our clients, accidents on the job can happen in an instant — and can result in long-term or even lifelong debilitation. We are pleased to see claims moving forward more expeditiously in the Maryland Workers’ Compensation system, now that COVID-related restrictions have been lifted. As essential workers, we have also been advocating throughout the pandemic for clients with work-related injuries whose cases go to court. We are familiar with how to get our clients’ business accomplished both during the pandemic and now as we emerge from what we hope is the worst of it.

If you need assistance with a work-related injury or illness claim, please contact us right away. While the coronavirus pandemic may have slowed business down for some time … the insurance companies representing employers do not take a break in their work to construct their side of the story.

As we can see from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission annual report — essential workers from across our state, from police officers to truck drivers to warehouse workers to nursing home staff — never stopped working, all facing the same risks inherent to their jobs, and new risks posed by COVID-19.

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Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission – 2021 Annual Report

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